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Serving the Southern California Area


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Boost Your Cooling Efficiency with These Tips


There’s a common question we get in the HVAC industry, and that’s how homeowners can improve their air conditioner’s efficiency in order to lower their energy bills. Considering how uncomfortably warm it can get in the summer, it’s only natural that you may be one of the homeowners wondering this!

There are actually a number of services as well as general tips that will help with this. For instance, routine preventive maintenance will help you avoid major repair needs and lower your bills as a result. There are also indoor air quality products, such as a dehumidifier, and HVAC products that will help improve efficiency. Read on to learn more.

First, Schedule Maintenance

A dirty air conditioner means an air conditioner that has to work too hard to reach and maintain your desired temperature on the thermostat. During maintenance, our technicians thoroughly clean out your air conditioner, making sure it operates as efficiently as possible. That’s not all we do though!

We also make adjustments of components have become loose, and we make repair recommendations if needed. By tackling these repair needs right away, you have less of a chance of running into bigger, costlier repairs later on, and you’ll help the system work more efficiently.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re not already, we encourage you to use a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set your system so that it only turns on when it gets above your desired temperature. Therefore, you’re not running the air conditioner when you don’t need it. Additionally, the older manual thermostats are typically off by a couple degrees, making your AC use very inefficient.

Change Your Air Filter on a Routine Basis

How often are you changing the air filter in your HVAC system? Chances are, you’ve always thought it was there to protect the quality of your indoor air, but this is actually not the case. The air filter is in place to protect the interior components of your HVAC system from dirt, dust, and other debris that can impede it’s performance and cause it to behave inefficiently.

Consider an Upgrade

How old is your air conditioner? While it depends on the manufacturer and how well taken care of your air conditioner is, most AC systems are designed to last about a decade. If yours is older than that and/or you’ve found yourself calling for repairs every few months, there is no way it’s working as efficiently as it once did. And there’s not a lot you can do with an aging system like this. Sometimes the most economically beneficial decision is a system upgrade.

If you’re unsure of whether or not your air conditioner is on the brink of extinction or you can get by with another repair, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help you make an educated decision.

At Smart Choice Heating and Air, we are “Dedicated to Great Service, Clean Air & Happy Homes.” Contact us today for your professional air conditioning needs in Anaheim, CA.

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