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Serving the Southern California Area


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Has Your Air Conditioner Been Tuned-Up Yet?


While temperatures have stayed cooler a little longer than usual this spring, you know as well as we do that summer is just around the corner, and temperatures can rise pretty suddenly. When that happens, it’s essential that your air conditioner be ready for it.

We understand, when an HVAC professional recommends maintenance for your air conditioner, it’s easy to dismiss the idea. Unless you have an urgent repair need, it can be really tempting to just put off air conditioning service in an attempt to save money, especially if you think your air conditioner is working “just fine” right now.

We encourage you to shift your perspective here, though. Just like a maintenance tune-up for your vehicle, routine AC system maintenance is necessary for the overall performance of your appliance. This helps prevent repairs, improves efficiency, and can extend the system’s overall lifespan. Read on as we elaborate.

The Power of Professional Maintenance

Generally speaking, we recommend scheduling your air conditioner maintenance right before you actually need your system the most. This would mean scheduling it in spring, so right now!

Truthfully, however, the time of year you have maintenance done is less important than the frequency in which you have it done. Maintenance should be performed at least once a year. Since we do live in an area with humid and hot summers, our air conditioners go through a lot of strain, so it makes sense to have this service done this often.

If you have a heat pump, it’s a different story of course. You should have maintenance done more often—after all, you just got done using the system over the winter for your heating, and by Orange County standards, this was a cold winter! Since your heat pump system does double the work as a more traditional central air conditioner or furnace, it needs double the maintenance. Be sure to schedule a tune-up once every 6 months.

Improve Your Comfort and Safety

One of the biggest benefits of routine air conditioning maintenance is that it helps improve your comfort and the comfort of your family.

After years of use, air conditioning systems perform less efficiently and effectively. Components start wearing down due to natural wear and tear, just like what would happen in your vehicle if you skipped car maintenance.

Maintenance also helps keep you safe. No, AC systems aren’t inherently dangerous, but they do have components in them, like refrigerant, that could become dangerous if not properly handled. Fortunately, our staff is licensed and skilled to deal with all your AC components.

This is important to keep in mind for your home heating systems as well. Each fall, you should have your furnace or heat pump system inspected and cleaned to improve performance and ensure safety. This is particularly true if you have a gas-powered system! Keeping a gas-powered system in disrepair can lead to hazards for you and your family that could have been easily avoided.

For professional air conditioning maintenance in Anaheim, CA, contact Smart Choice Heating and Air today.

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