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Serving the Southern California Area


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Is the Air You Breathe Indoors Actually Hurting You?


Did you know that your indoor air quality can actually be worse than that of outdoors? This is especially true if you aren’t utilizing the right indoor air quality solutions in your living space–and many homeowners aren’t.

If you’re like most Anaheim residents, nowadays you’re especially cautious about your health. That’s understandable! The good news is, we provide and expertly install a number of products that can help improve the health of the air you’re breathing indoors. Among the various solutions is the whole-house air purifier! Read on to learn more about this powerful IAQ solution.

First Off, What’s an Air Purifier?

The simple answer to this would be, “a device that helps clean the air,” but that’s probably not the answer you’d appreciate. Don’t worry, we’ll dive deeper!

A professionally installed whole-house air purifier helps to eliminate impurities and contaminants from the air. This can include dirt, dust, allergens like pollen, mold, mildew, and even viruses. Plus, there’s not just one type of air purifier! There are a few different models, each with their own specific benefits.

“Wait, what’s wrong with the air filter in my AC system already?”

There’s nothing wrong with this air filter, except that it’s not actually designed to protect your indoor air. This type of air filter is actually keeping contaminants out of the interior components of your air conditioner and forced-air heater to protect the system itself from debris that could impact its ability to function. You need something more powerful for your living space.

Exploring Your Air Purifier Options…

That brings us to your options for air purifiers. As we alluded to above, there are multiple makes and models to choose from, and we’re happy to go through all of them with you. Two of the most popular types of air purifiers are the electronic kind and UV germicidal lights.

Electronic Air Purifiers

These systems remove microscopic impurities from the air. This may include contaminants such as dust, smoke, smog, pet dander, and even airborne mold spores.

All these contaminants may sound relatively harmless, but they can actually have a pretty negative impact on your health and the health of your family. This is especially important to note if you have members of your household who suffer from allergies or asthma.

One thing to note about electronic air purifiers–they do require their plates to be cleaned off on a routine basis–this is for the same reason you’d change the air filter. It gets clogged up after a while!

UV Germicidal Lights

Also referred to as UV air purifiers or simply “UV lights,” these are ultraviolet lights that are put in your ductwork to attack microorganisms at the source. It fights things like mold and mildew that crave the cool, dark environment of your ventilation system.

The great thing about UV lights is that they eliminate contaminants and prevent further growth before there is even a chance of those impurities even reaching your indoor air!

If you have any questions about either of these systems or any other indoor air quality solution we provide, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

To learn more about air purifiers in Anaheim, CA and to schedule indoor air quality services for your home, contact Smart Choice Heating and Air. We are “Dedicated to Great Service, Clean Air & Happy Homes!”

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