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Serving the Southern California Area


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Midsummer AC Efficiency and Home Improvement Tips


Summer is progressing right along, which means our air conditioners are working hard to do their job of keeping our homes as comfortable as possible. Now is a great time to start thinking about ways to boost your air conditioner’s energy efficiency, and potentially even make some adjustments around your home to improve efficiency even more.

When your cooling system is working as efficiently as possible, you don’t have to worry as much about costly energy bills. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable or even free things you can do around your home to boost this efficiency. Keep reading to learn more!

Make Sure Your Home Is Sealed

What do we mean? Well, homes today are constructed very tightly, with everything sealed up quite well. This means that no air can escape in or out. Your conditioned air stays in, which helps boost HVAC efficiency.

In an older home, however, you could have drafty doors or windows, or even leaky ductwork (breached ductwork can account for up to 30% air loss, that you’re paying for!) This type of air loss can significantly lower your energy efficiency and cause your cooling bills to spike.

While duct testing and sealing needs to be done by a trained professional, you can do something about your drafty doors and windows. Even something as simple as applying weatherstripping and caulking around leaky door frames can do a lot to boost efficiency!

Schedule Annual AC Maintenance

Yes, this is both an efficiency and a home improvement tip. Your air conditioner is a huge investment and a vital part of overall home comfort. By scheduling routine maintenance for your air conditioner, you ensure that it’s properly inspected, adjusted, and cleaned. It’s also at this time that we’ll alert you to repair needs that may exist.

This all helps your air conditioner perform better—more efficiently—and extends the lifespan of the system too—especially if you handle those repair needs right away. Getting repairs on your schedule as soon as you’re alerted to them means avoiding a bigger emergency later on down the road.

Change Out the Air Filter

There’s a fairly common misconception among homeowners that the air filter that comes standard with their air conditioner is in place to protect indoor air quality. While it does help a bit with indoor air quality, by pulling some allergens and particles from the air, that’s not its intended purpose.

The air filters purpose is to guard the HVAC system itself from these particles, so they don’t infiltrate the system. Changing out your air filter every 1-3 months is the ideal way to boost system efficiency.

Turn to Our Team for your AC Services and Home Improvement Needs!

Smart Choice is more than just an HVAC company. We’re a full-service company providing not only HVAC services also advice and help on other home improvement needs you may have. This includes roofing, windows, plumbing, painting, electrical, patios, and fencing.

For quality service on your air conditioning in Garden Grove, CA and more, contact Smart Choice Heating and Air today!

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