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Serving the Southern California Area


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The 3 Steps of Professional AC Installation


It’s never a smart choice to try to work on or install a whole-house air conditioner on your own. This can backfire on you and leave you with repair issues you didn’t bargain for. So why are we about to share with you the 3 main steps of professional AC installation? Because we want you to see how important it is to hire a pro!

Of course, we understand the sense of urgency here. If you’ve found this post soon after it was published, then that likely means you’re a bit desperate to get a new cooling system in and get back to enjoying your comfortable home again. But rushing into a purchase like this could leave you even less comfortable with an inefficient system that costs too much to run. Read on, and you’ll understand why.

Step 1: We Remove the Old System

Sounds simple enough right? Well, it’s not actually as easy as simply taking out the old system and tossing it in a dumpster. Your old cooling system has a variety of components that require proper disposal, such as refrigerant, and our pros know how to handle this.

Removing your old air conditioner is likely going to be the lengthiest part of the AC installation process. Our techs take special care to make sure nothing is knocked out of place, and we must prepare the space for your new system to be installed.

Step 2: We Make Connections

Once your new AC system is properly in place, your techs will connect the unit to important components–namely, your ductwork and electrical system.

Sometimes, the air duct system needs to be shifted around a bit to make these connections. Our professionals know how to do this without compromising your system in the process.

As for electrical components, this part can be dangerous if not done correctly of course. Our technicians have the training and the expertise to get the job done effectively and safely.

Step 3: We Test the Air Conditioner

What kind of professionals would we be if we put in your new air conditioner and then didn’t check to make sure it actually worked before we left your home? Instead, we turn on your cooling system, measure the intake and the airflow, and check to see that everything is operating as it should. We’ll also check to ensure there are no safety hazards.

This is all a fairly simplistic overview of what goes on during your air conditioner installation.

The process usually begins a couple of days before the new system is put in, when we help you select the right system for your home based on sizing and your home comfort needs. It’s important to note that an oversized air conditioner will be just as detrimental to efficiency as an undersized one.

There are a variety of smaller steps involved throughout the AC installation process, and our trained and experienced professionals know how to manage them all. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our installation services!

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