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Serving the Southern California Area


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These 4 Signs Indicate Ductwork in Disrepair


If your home is set up like most in Orange County, it’s likely that you’re using a traditional central air conditioner, and probably even a furnace as well. There is one very important component that makes it possible for conditioned air to even reach your living space, and that’s your ductwork.

But what if something is wrong with your ductwork? You could have breaches, even tiny pinhole leaks, that are letting conditioned air escape out. Or you could have dirt buildup and potentially even mold growth in your ventilation system. But how do you know for sure if you actually have ductwork in disrepair? Well, there are a few signs, which we’ve shared below.

Strange Noises Coming from the Ducts

Your ductwork is going to make some noise when your HVAC systems run. This is due to the temperature fluctuations and the ventilation system flexing to compensate. But you shouldn’t hear anything like humming or whistling–this is a potential sign that you have breaches in the ducts (we’ll talk about why this is so important below!)

Uneven Cooling/Heating

Let’s say you have your air conditioner on during a hot day. You go into one room of the home and it’s completely comfortable, exactly where the temperature should be. But you walk in another room to discover it’s feeling pretty stuffy. What gives?

It may be that your ductwork is leaking conditioned air so that it’s not fully reaching the room that feels hot.

Funky Smells

Does the air coming through your room vents smell bad? This can be the sign of dirt and debris buildup, and could even potentially be an indicator that you have mold and mildew growth inside your ducts. We can help you with this, and recommend the right air quality products to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Rising HVAC Costs (with No Explanation)

Of course, your energy costs are going to rise during the peak of summer and potentially even wintertime too as you use your heating system. But what we want you to watch for is just how expensive your bills are compared to this same time last year, or even compared to what your neighbors are paying.

If your bills are dramatically higher, then it means something is causing your HVAC system to perform less efficiently. Damaged ducts can certainly be to blame.

“Are Breached Ducts Really That Big of a Deal?”

Well… yes. They usually happen as a result of natural wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be repaired. Duct damage can also occur if your ducts are in your attic and not insulated from the heat, or if rodents get to the ductwork.

One last reason ductwork can get damaged is if they weren’t properly installed and sized for your home, to begin with. This is the first step, but if you skip it, we can almost guarantee you’ll have problems later on. Be sure to contact our team for quality duct repairs, replacement, cleaning, and more!

For professional duct repair in Anaheim, CA, contact Smart Choice Heating and Air.

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