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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Air Conditioning Maintenance in Anaheim, CA

You need it done every year, although you may not realize it—a regular tune-up and inspection for your home’s air conditioning system. It is not much different than scheduling an annual tune-up for a vehicle you drive almost every day, and it has most of the same benefits. In fact, it’s easier than vehicle service, since you only have to sign up with our HVAC pros and they’ll come to you each spring to maintain your cooling system.

Smart Choice Heating and Air is an HVAC company serving Anaheim, CA and throughout Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. We have a long history and some of the finest technicians around—we are on the cutting edge of air conditioning technology and back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We want to build a great relationship with you through our maintenance program that will regularly care for your AC (and your heater).

Dedicated to Great Service, Clean Air & Happy Homes: Call to sign up for our maintenance program.

Why This Regular Service Is So Vital

We understand homeowners are often reluctant to pay for upfront preventive services. After all, it’s easier to remember to have work done when something goes wrong and you need to remedy it. But preventive AC maintenance is an essential job we recommend you have done every year. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It reduces the wear and tear on a system allowing it to run for longer. Running the AC for a year is the equivalent of putting 200,000 miles on your vehicle—and a vehicle with that sort of wear won’t last long without regular maintenance.
  • It ensures the best energy efficiency performance for the system, keeping your bills under control.
  • It reduces the amount of repairs the air conditioner will need over its lifetime by 85%—and that means savings and convenience.
  • It keeps the manufacturer’s warranty in force, protecting you from a costly replacement in case of a factory fault.
  • It gives you peace of mind that you won’t abruptly lose cooling during one of the hottest days of the year.

Regular maintenance isn’t a job you can do as a DIY project! Only let a licensed HVAC professional handle it so you receive all the benefits.

The Ultimate Protection Plan Is the Key to Great AC Maintenance

Signing up for the Ultimate Protection Plan (UPP) makes regular air conditioning maintenance straightforward, convenient, and comes with many extra rewards. When you have this plan, we’ll provide you with two precision tune-ups for your AC and heating system annually. You receive additional benefits as well along with the ones we’ve already listed:

  • A 15% discount on all repairs (labor and material)
  • Priority scheduling so you can jump to the front of the line when you need service
  • 24-hour emergency service—we’re here whenever you need us

The UPP covers your home heating as well, so you’re getting the best in heating and air conditioning maintenance!

When you put your trust in Smart Choice Heating and Air to handle your home comfort needs in Anaheim, CA and throughout our service area, you’ll have peace of mind you’re getting quality from a full-service heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company.

From the beaches to the mountains, we deliver top quality service with cutting edge technology