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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Duct Repair and Replacement in Anaheim, CA

The ducts of a home are an essential part of its HVAC system. After all, they’re what the “V” stands for: ventilation. But homeowners often rarely understand the importance of the ducts because they are not easy to see. Out of sight, out of mind. This is often a problem, since a ventilation system in need of duct repair, or one that’s poorly designed and in need of a duct replacement, causes higher utility bills, inferior heating and cooling performance, and even lower indoor air quality.

Smart Choice Heating and Air is a qualified, experience, and full-service HVAC contractor for Anaheim, CA and throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Our trustworthy technicians will provide you with the duct services that make a difference.

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The Sad Truth About Home Ventilation Systems

This is an unfortunate fact about many homes—they have terrible ventilation systems, usually from the start. Ducts with too many bends, inferior insulation, and plain inefficient construction. A homeowner may not notice trouble at first, but a bad ventilation system causes higher energy costs and puts more strain on the heating and cooling system. Of course, it leads to bad ventilation as well.

But even ductwork that was well-designed initially can suffer damage from corrosion, animals, and construction work. Amateur repair attempts are often behind duct leaks. One thing is certain: the ventilation system either needs repair work or sections replaced.

Experience and Training Are Need for This Work

No, duct repair does not mean "duct tape." It couldn’t be further from it! Duct tape fixes almost anything—except ducts. You’ll only find the training and tools to handle even basic repairs (such as sealing small holes) when you call a licensed HVAC technician. Our experience ventilation service professionals take care of the work for first locating the problem areas and then deciding on how best to handle fixing them. We’re proud of our team’s ability to diagnose and resolve issues, which is why we offer satisfaction guarantees.

Putting in New Ductwork

Sometimes, the best repair is removing old sections of ducts—such as one incorrectly sized for the air passing through it—and putting in a new one. You can have complete confidence in our trained HVAC experts to do this task. It sounds like a large job, and it is, but our service professionals always see work through to the end and do it to meet our customers’ high standards. You duct replacement needs are in the best hands when you call us.

Ventilation Expertise for Anaheim, CA

Please don’t ignore any warning signs your ductwork is in bad shape. Poor ventilation, hot and cold spots in rooms, dusty air, and out of control heating and cooling bills are all telling you it’s time to put in a call to our HVAC pros.

We’re second generation owners and technicians at Smart Choice Heating and Air, and we’re expanding rapidly to better serve Anaheim, CA and our other communities. This commitment to the highest in quality, combined with cutting edge technology and dedication to honesty and integrity is what makes us the Smart Choice!

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