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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Evaporative Coolers in Anaheim, CA

Creating a pleasant and cool environment in a Southern California home usually means having a powerful central air conditioner—the sort that uses refrigerant to lower the temperature indoors. This is not the only method for home air conditioner, however, and you may be looking for (or already have) an alternative: an evaporative cooler.

Evaporative coolers can help a household save money and balance humidity, but if you’re interested in evaporative cooler system installation, work with HVAC professionals. Smart Choice Heating and Air is a full-service contractor in Anaheim, CA providing quality comfort with a satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in the level of work we do! Call us for a free estimate or to schedule evaporative cooler replacement and other services, such as evaporative cooler system repair work.

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What Makes This Kind of Cooling System Different

The difference between a standard AC and an evaporative cooler is the method they use to draw heat from the indoor air. The conventional central air conditioner circulated a chemical refrigerant between two sets of coils. The refrigerant evaporates indoors, which draws heat from the air, and then releases the heat outdoors when it condenses. A compressor puts the refrigerant under pressure so it circulates.

An evaporative cooler uses water to remove heat. The cooler, which is usually installed on top of a home, draws hot air into wit a fan and runs the air over damp pads kept moist by a water pump. The air loses heat to the cooler water—much the same way air blowing over water feels cooler—and then continues into the ventilations system.

Benefits of Going with Evaporative Cooling

Why might you want to invest in an evaporative cooler installation? The two main reasons are energy efficiency and to combat dry air. A standard air conditioner needs a large amount of electricity to power the compressor in addition to the fans. An evaporative cooler only needs electricity to power the fans and water pumps. The difference in power use can be enormous. Because water moisture enters the air as it passes through the cooler, the system helps to raise indoor humidity levels. For homes that suffer from dry air, an evaporative cooler can be helpful.

But not all homes will receive these benefits. Please consult with us when it’s time for an evaporative cooler system replacement or installation to see if you home is a good fit.

Other Services for Evaporative Coolers in Anaheim, CA

When you call Smart Choice Heating and Air for evaporative cooler system repair or other assistance, we’ll have a technician to your house, ready to go to work with enthusiasm. We recommend you also sign up for evaporative cooler system maintenance to help prevent trouble and ensure the pumps are clean and the pads free from algae.

We back up our installation services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (up to lifetime full system replacement), and we extend premium discounts to service professionals—law enforcement, active military, veterans—as well as concessions to seniors 65+. This is all part of what makes us the Smart Choice in Anaheim, CA and throughout Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties!

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