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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Heat Pump Services in Anaheim, CA

The most common way to heat and cool homes is to use a combination of a furnace (either gas or electric) and an air conditioner. Both are housed in one cabinet and share the same air handler. An alternative to this is the heat pump, which is a single system that handles both heating and cooling—and can do an excellent, energy-saving job at both.

Heat pump installation is ideal in Anaheim, CA and throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. Smart Choice Heating and Air is a full-service HVAC contractor providing high quality heat pump replacement, heat pump repair, and other heat pump services. You can trust us when you’re interested in a heat pump installation, or dual fuel system installation. Arrange for a free estimate—we’ll provide you with the knowledge to make the best choice when it comes to a heat pump.

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The Heat Pump In Action—Like an AC in Reverse

A heat pump isn’t a separate air conditioner and heater in a single package. No matter whether in heating or cooling mode, an AC uses the same components and operates on the same principles. An easy way to think of a heat pump is as an air conditioning system able to run in reverse. An AC circulates refrigerant to move heat from the indoors to the outdoors. The refrigerant evaporates indoors, absorbing heat, then condenses outdoors, exhausting heat.

A heat pump can run this way and cool down a house. But with only an adjustment to the thermostat, the heat pump will begin circulating refrigerant in the opposite direction. This means heat is absorbed outdoors and released indoors. With regular heat pump maintenance and heat pump repair work when necessary, a heat pump should offer cold and hot-weather comfort for many years.

Another Option: The Dual Fuel System Installation

If you read the above and wondered where the heat pump is drawing heat during cold weather, the answer is there’s always some heat available in the air outside. However, for some homes a dual fuel system installation may be helpful. This is a combination of a heat pump and backup furnace. The furnace runs on a different energy source (usually propane) and only activates to assist with heating when the heat pump is losing efficiency. Talk to our technicians to find out if going with a dual fuel system is right for you. We offer complete services, such as dual fuel system replacement and repair as well.

Let Our Comfort Professionals in Anaheim, CA Meet Your Heat Pump Needs

If you’re looking for dual fuel system maintenance, standard heat pump maintenance, or a fast dual fuel heat pump repair, call us. We’re comfort experts who take pride in our honesty, quality of work, and training. Think of us as a concierge for all your home services—we’re here when you need us, 24 hours a day. You can count on a skilled technician to arrive at your house, on time and ready to work with enthusiasm. Our commitment to forging great customer relationships in Anaheim, CA and elsewhere in our service area is what makes us the Smart Choice!

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