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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats in Anaheim, CA

Once upon a time, the way homeowners controlled the temperatures indoors was to make adjustments to a thermostat using sliders or a dial. As a way to raise or lower temperatures, it worked. But it wasn’t convenient. Digital thermostats came around, offering more precision and easier to read displays, but not much more. Then came programmable thermostats, which allowed homeowners more convenience and the ability to set when the thermostat turned the heating and cooling systems on and off. And now the Wi-Fi and “smart” thermostats have arrived, ready to change climate controls forever.

For a Wi-Fi thermostat installation in Anaheim, CA or elsewhere in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, Smart Choice Heating and Air is the cutting-edge HVAC company to trust! We offer complete Wi-Fi thermostat repair and replacement as well.

We’re Dedicated to Great Service, Clean Air & Happy Homes!

The Knowledgeable Techs For Great Home Comfort

We take immense pride in the skills of our technicians and the advanced technology they have at their disposal. If you’re interested in moving up to the newest level of comfort control—the Wi-Fi or "smart" thermostat—you can schedule a consultation with them, where they’ll explain the benefits and find the right Wi-Fi thermostat installation or Wi-Fi thermostat replacement to see to your needs.

We can offer you a short explanation here. Wi-Fi thermostat gives a homeowner the power to interact with the house’s climate controls through wireless connection. From an app on a phone or tablet, or through a web connection on a laptop or desktop computer, the homeowner can turn on and off the heater and AC, alter temperatures, change programming, or just check on household conditions.

The smart technology gives the thermostat the power to make its own changes based on a homeowner’s history of setting and its own readings. Smart thermostats maximize comfort and energy savings—almost on their own!

The Professional HVAC Difference

We need to stress this: you can’t purchase a Wi-Fi thermostat from an online store (or anywhere else) and attempt to install it on your own. These are complex computerized devices, and their algorithms may interfere with your current HVAC system. Only a licensed expert on the cutting edge of climate control technology can handle a Wi-Fi thermostat replacement or installation.

Our technicians are here to help you! Not only do they offer free estimates on installation and provide the best knowledge to our customers so they can make the right decisions, but they have access to an inventory of the smart thermostats that will work for your home.

Trust Us for Comfort in Anaheim, CA

Smart Choice Heating and Air has two generations of HVAC experience and history. We stay up-to-date on the latest in household comfort and convenience. Our team values honesty and integrity, and we back up our work with 100% satisfaction guarantees. When you call us—for whatever home service you’re looking for—you can place your full trust in our service technicians. Even if you just want a Wi-Fi thermostat repair because something doesn’t seem right, we’re your Smart Choice in Anaheim, CA and our extensive service area.

From the beaches to the mountains, we deliver top quality service with cutting edge technology