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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Ductless Systems in Anaheim, CA

Homes in the US are starting to experience the advantages of central heating and cooling systems that don’t require an inch of ductwork! These ductless systems, also known as ductless mini split heat pumps, have been used in Europe and Japan for years, and one may be the best option for your next HVAC installation in Anaheim, CA or in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

Smart Choice Heating and Air is on the cutting edge of technology and are glad to provide our customers with ductless HVAC replacement and installation services. Our technicians are trained to do jobs at the highest level of quality, and they offer ductless HVAC repair or ductless HVAC maintenance as well. Our dedication to customers and building great community relationships is what makes us the Smart Choice!

Dedicated to Great Service, Clean Air & Happy Homes—Including Yours!

How Can a Heating and Cooling System Work Without Ducts?

You do already know of ductless systems, such as radiant heaters, which sends heat into rooms by heating up objects in it. But the type of ductless system we’re talking about is a forced-air system that blows heated or cooled air into a room—like a furnace or an AC. How can this be done centrally in a home with no ductwork to carry the air?

The answer is ductless systems are heat pumps that operate using multiple indoor units, rather than one single unit hooked up to an air handler and a blower fan. After completion of a ductless HVAC installation, a home has an outdoor unit that connects through the walls to small units mounted in rooms. Each unit has its own coil and blower fan so they can send heated/cooled air directly into the space.

How This Type of Comfort System Benefits You

Installing a ductless mini split heat pump is not always the top choice for homes. A house already equipped with ducts is more suited to a conventional central heat pump, furnace, or AC. For some homes, they’re perfect—new home construction, older homes with no ductwork, homes under going remodeling.

Plus, ductless systems deliver excellent benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: Lack of ducts means less heat loss and heat gain, which increases system energy efficiency compared to ducted HVAC units.
  • Zone control: Since each room unit can be operated separate from the others, a homeowner only needs to heat or cool occupied rooms, saving money by leaving unoccupied rooms alone.
  • No pesky duct problems: Ductwork can be a nuisance. Dusty, full of holes, needing regular cleaning and repairs. Take away the ducts, take away all these problems!

Call For Ductless Heating and Cooling Services in Anaheim, CA

Our experienced service professionals take care of ductless services of all types: ductless HVAC repair, ductless HVAC installation, ductless HVAC replacement, and ductless HVAC maintenance and repair. We take immense pride in our experience that helps us better serve you and decide how to help you meet all your household comfort needs in Anaheim, CA or elsewhere in our service area. Get in touch with Smart Choice Heating and Air today to schedule a free estimate about ductless mini split heat pumps or to arrange for repairs and other HVAC jobs.

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