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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Air Sealing in Anaheim, CA

You don’t want to go sailing in a leaky boat. So why should you want to live in a leaky house? You won’t be in danger of sinking in a leaky house—but you’ll be in danger of wasting energy, paying too much on heating and cooling, allowing for hot and cold spots, and moisture buildup. There may even be health hazards from a house with such air leaking.

The answer to a leaky house is professional air sealing services. You’re at the right place to find them if you live in Anaheim, CA, or elsewhere in Riverside County, Los Angeles County, or San Bernardino County. Smart Choice Heating and Air provides home services and delivers quality on every job. We have the trained experts to provide you with honest answers and top-quality work, whether it’s caulking, attic air sealing, weatherstripping, or other improvements to a house with air leaks.

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How Much Is Air Leaking Affecting Your House?

If you are looking around for improvements for your home, you probably are already dealing with drafts, too much indoor heat during summer, and AC and heating bills that are out of control. But how bad is the problem, and where do you start solving it?

We recommend scheduling an energy audit with our team. This is the first step toward discovering the spots where you have air leakage. We’ll find cracks around windows, gaps in the attic, and other places where we can make improvements on the sealing. Our team will give you a breakdown on our findings and provide trustworthy recommendations on the next steps in air sealing.

How We Can Provide the Air Sealing You Need

Air sealing isn’t a single method. There are a variety of ways our home performance experts can approach the troubles in the heat envelope in a house. Attic air sealing is one the more common jobs we do, since the attic is a place where heat easily enters or escapes. If there is excess air leakage in the attic, it can make both cold and hot weather far worse for the house.

Other jobs we do for the best air sealing work is adding weatherstripping and caulking to close holes around the building. Southern California homes are often constructed without enough weatherstripping around doors and windows. Caulking is effective for sealing up areas between stationary objects in the house. We’ll pinpoint exactly what your home needs and have the work done.

Great Home Services From the Pros in Anaheim, CA

Air sealing can require a few small fixes or more extensive work—but whatever the size of the job, you can put your complete trust in Smart Choice Heating and Air, from the energy audit to the finished product. We offer in-depth consultations on products to our customers to help them make informed choices. We want to build a great relationship with you as a customer. It’s this dedication to your satisfaction that makes us truly the Smart Choice in Anaheim, CA and throughout our service area.

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