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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Energy Audits in Anaheim, CA

Home performance improvements are one of the most important services we offer for homes in Anaheim, CA and throughout San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. If you are interested in improving the way your house uses energy, increasing comfort, and creating healthier indoor conditions, we recommend you contact us to schedule a home energy audit. It’s the best way to find the answers to your home performance improvement needs.

Smart Choice Heating and Air is a home service contractor with trustworthy employees who are focused on delivering the best experience to customers. We are proud of the integrity and skill of our team, and we’re always on the cutting edge of the best in home services technology. Think of us as your home service concierge—we are here for you!

Dedicated to Great Service, Clean Air & Happy Homes—Arrange for an Energy Audit today!

What Happens During One of These Audits?

The home energy audit is a thorough assessment of a house to find how well the building uses energy. The purpose of the audit is to gauge general home energy efficiency and places where it can be improved through energy recovery, insulation, air sealing, and more.

Although you can find information about do-it-yourself home energy audits, nothing can take the place of professional auditors who have an extensive knowledge of home performance and HVAC systems. During one of our audits, our specialists will do a room-by-room analysis of your house to find locations where it is losing energy. Our team will employ the best in technology, such as blower doors to pressurize the house so we can find air leaks, and thermal scanners to analyze the thermal envelope of the building. Once we’re finished, we can present you with our findings and recommendations for boosting energy recovery and home performance.

How an Energy Audit Leads to Home Improvements

During an in-depth consultation with our home performance experts, you’ll find out ways to lower energy use and raise comfort in your house. Our specialists will always give you honest answers and recommendations. Here are a few of the home improvements you might need:

  • Attic air sealing
  • Better insulation
  • Upgrades to the heating and air conditioning
  • Caulking
  • Weatherstripping

Please feel free to ask our specialists about any of their recommendations. They can work with you to find flexible options to meet your needs and your budget.

A Trusted Anaheim, CA Home Service Contractor in Anaheim, CA

At Smart Choice Heating and Air, we take pride in the quality of all the work we do to improve energy performance, comfort, and health in homes. An energy audit is one of the best ways we can deliver a complete job for your house. We’re a full-service contractor able to handle your in-home service needs, from new HVAC installations to air sealing and better ventilation. We want to be of service to the community, and we offer premium discounts for service professionals (law enforcement, active military, veterans) and generous concessions to seniors 65 and older. Call us in Anaheim, CA today to schedule a home energy audit or other services.

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