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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Heat Pump Water Heaters in Anaheim, CA

Not all homes in Anaheim, CA or the rest of Southern California have connections to gas lines, and they must rely on electricity to power appliances such as stoves, furnaces, and the water heater. Electric water heaters are often costly to operate—but is there any better option? There is an alternative for the standard electric water heater, and it’s the heat pump water heater.

Because Smart Choice Heating and Air is a full-service contractor dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of home technology, we carry and service the finest in heat pump water heaters. We back up our installations and services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we extend premium discounts to service members and generous concessions to seniors 65 and older. Our technicians are skilled, honest, and will provide the exact service you need in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work With a Water Heater?

If you’re familiar with a heat pump, you know that it’s a type of heating and cooling system that operates similarly to and air conditioner, except it can switch the direction it moves heat so it brings heat into a home. A heat pump water heater uses this same technology, only it applies it to water in a tank.

With a conventional electric water heater, the heat comes from running currents through heating elements inside the tank, i.e. electrical resistance heating. But a heat pump water heater doesn’t generate heat at all. Instead, it uses refrigerant to move heat from the air around the water heater and then release it into the tank through a heat exchanger.

Advantages of Using This Technology

Making the change from the standard electric water heater to a heat pump water heater brings a number of benefits. The most important one is the difference in cost to run a heat pump model. Electricity is generally a more expensive form of energy than natural gas, which is why natural gas water heaters are preferred for homes with gas connections. A heat pump water heater runs on electricity, but it consumes far less than a regular electric model. This is because a heat pump only draws on electricity to run the components that allow it to move heat, rather than expend large amounts to generate heat in heating elements. Making the switch to a heat pump water heater can result in large annual savings for a home on electrical bills.

We’re Your In-Home Service Experts in Anaheim, CA

Smart Choice Heating and Air work with water heaters of all types: storage tank, tankless, solar, and heat pump. We want your home to have the best for not only its water heater, but also its HVAC system and indoor air quality. When our technicians are out, we’ll even pick up other home service needs you might have: roofing, fencing, painting, etc. To put it simply: we are here for you! Make us your first choice for HVAC and water heater services in Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and the Anaheim, CA area.

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