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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Tank Water Heaters in Anaheim, CA

Water heaters in homes have a long history, and for most of that history they’ve used hot water tanks to store water kept at high temperatures for immediate use. This is the storage tank water heater, and you’ve probably spent most of your life in homes that use them. There’s probably one in your current house.

It’s important never to take something as common as a tank water heater for granted—and with the help of the water heater professionals at Smart Choice Heating and Air, you can keep your water heater working for you. Or you can have our installation technicians put in a new one when the time comes. We’re a full-service company committed to honesty, quality, and the best in technology in Anaheim, CA and throughout Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties. Schedule service or a consultation (we offer free estimates!) today.

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Why Tank Water Heaters Are Still Popular

We keep current with the latest in water heater technology, and some of the newest types available provide terrific advantages. Yet most homes still have water heaters using standard hot water tanks. There are a few reasons people stick with the tried-and-true, aside from familiarity.

For one, these water heaters are affordable and flexible. There are both gas tank water heater and electric tank water heater models, so any home can have one installed. Gas tank water heaters are less expensive to run, and the newest ones have high energy efficiency. But electric tank water heaters have the same advantage of being able to deliver hot water quickly to fixtures, where tankless water heaters often have delays.

So if you don’t want to make the jump to a heat pump or tankless water heater, staying with a storage tank unit is still an excellent option—our installation technicians will find one to meet your family’s needs.

Are You Looking to Have Your Water Heater Fixed?

The strain any water heater undergoes during a year can lead to damage and malfunctions, no matter how well-built the unit or how much care it receives. The sooner you recognize the signs something is wrong, the easier the problem is for our repair experts to fix. They’ll arrive at your house on-time, ready to get to work, dedicated to solving the problem.

A few indications to watch for that it’s time to call us: the water from the taps isn’t getting hot enough, the hot water supply is running out earlier than normal, odd sounds from the tank, intermittent burners, or any signs of water leaking around the tank.

How to Keep Your Water Heater Working in Anaheim, CA

With regular professional maintenance! That’s the secret to a long service life from a tank water heater. Arrange for annual inspections and tune-ups with Smart Choice Heating and Air, and we’ll see your water heater lasts for many years while experiencing only minor repair issues and only slight dips in energy efficiency.

We’re the Smart Choice in Anaheim, CA and our other service areas because we’re committed to forming great customer and community relationships, and we take pride in being trustworthy and delivering customer satisfaction.

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