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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Reverse Osmosis Systems in Anaheim, CA

Water treatment systems are varied, and you have plenty of options beyond standard water filters to provide your household with clean and safe water. For times when standard filtration won’t eliminate the impurities entering your plumbing through the water main, you may wish to consider a whole-house reverse osmosis system, which provides potent purification.

Only a licensed professional can locate the right reverse osmosis system and install it so it does the exact job intended. Smart Choice Heating and Air is an experienced contractor with in-home services for Anaheim, CA and throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties. We provide extensive water treatment services, and you can trust our skilled technicians to provide you with a reverse osmosis system that will completely satisfy you.

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How Reverse Osmosis Works

Osmosis is the natural process where water (or other solvents) moves from an area of high concentration to one of lower concentration. The way this works in a whole-house reverse osmosis system is the incoming, possibly pollutant-filled water is placed in a chamber with a semi-permeable membrane between it and the rest of the water supply. The incoming water is put under high pressure, forcing it through the membrane. The membrane removes small pollutants as the water passes through. The water wouldn’t normally pass through the membrane and its filtering power, but the difference in pressure makes it possible.

The Benefits of This Type of Water Treatment System

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems have stronger filtration abilities than standard filters, and they are effective at removing many pollutants and impurities that would otherwise escape through filters.

The range of particles and pollutants an RO system removes is immense, and different types of RO systems can target specific types. Reverse osmosis can target sodium, asbestos, chemicals, and many types of heavy metals (zinc, nickel, mercury). They can also be used to guard against sodium and dangerous microbes, such as bacteria and viruses. If you can think of a waterborne pollutant, an RO system can probably stop it.

Although a reverse osmosis system is one of the best treatment systems you can have installed, you must work with water treatment professionals to ensure you have the type to match your needs. A badly installed or incorrect type of RO system can end up creating major water pressure problems in your plumbing.

Water Treatment From Trusted Experts in Anaheim, CA

Once you have a whole-house reverse osmosis system in place in your plumbing, you can expect years of excellent service from it. You’ll enjoy better-tasting water and a healthier household. To ensure you continue to have quality service from your RO system, work with the Anaheim, CA water treatment professionals at Smart Choice Heating and Air. No matter the issues you have with your water quality, we’ll use the best in technology and training to resolve it.

We extend premium discounts to service professionals (law enforcement, active military, veterans) and concessions to seniors 65 and older. We’re committed to honesty and integrity, and we back up all our work with guarantees.

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