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Serving the Southern California Area



Serving the Southern California Area


Water Filtration Systems in Anaheim, CA

The whole-house water filtration system is one of the best solutions available to water impurities in a home’s water supply. Although pitcher filters and point-of-use filters have their purposes, they aren’t powerful enough to give you the best possible water quality—and delivered to every tap and every water-using appliance in your house.

For a professional to handle a home water filtration system in Anaheim, CA, look no further than Smart Choice Heating and Air. We offer excellent in-home service—like a home service concierge—and take pride in our honesty and integrity. When you schedule installation or other services for whole-house water filters with us, we’ll see you have the finest service and the best in cutting edge technology. We’re here for you when you need us in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

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Why Your Home May Need Cleaner Water

"Doesn’t the water piped to my house go through water treatment already?" Homeowners often ask this because they aren’t sure where water impurities may be coming from. The answer is that as long as your water comes from the municipal system, it does go through extensive treatment. (If your water comes from a well, you must have filters and purifiers to clean the water.) However, the water from the treatment plant must move a long distance through pipes to reach your home, and it can pick up contaminants along the way through ground water and the material of the pipes.

We recommend you have water testing done for your house, even if you don’t suspect anything is wrong with your water. Professional testing will find out if your water contains a high concentration of minerals, dirt, chemicals, sulfides, bacteria, and its level of acidity. Water treatment experts can then recommend the type of whole-house water filtration system or other water quality installation will clean your water.

Going Whole-House Makes All the Difference

As we mentioned above, there’s nothing wrong with using water filtration pitchers or filters placed onto Individual faucets and taps. But there are limits to what these can do to protect your household: they only work locally and aren’t powerful enough to trap many impurities. With an activated carbon whole house water filter installed, you can have much more effective water cleaning across your home. From kitchen faucets to the laundry machines, you’ll have higher quality water.

We Have the Water Quality Services You Need

Once you have your home water filtration system in place, it’s important not to forget about it and trust it will work without problems. As the filter traps impurities, it will eventually become less effective. Filters need to be changed or recharged on a regular basis so they continue to trap pollutants. In addition to installing water filtration systems, Smart Choice Heating and Air provides the maintenance and occasional repairs required for a lengthy service life.

Call us today to arrange for water testing or other consultations to find the right water quality products for your house in Anaheim, CA or elsewhere. We’re committed to happy customers—it’s what makes us the Smart Choice!

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